Sunday, February 05, 2006


Standing in our Communion service this morning, I experienced a feeling of great depth of meaning to that service that I`ve never experienced before.

I had the strong feeling of how the people must have stood facing and listening to Moses as he stood before the altar. I hadn`t thought that those chapters about sacrifices and the descriptions of the altar that I found so difficult to read, were so linked with the way Jesus sacrificed his life for us today. I hadn`t realised either how much what I had read must have in a way sunk into my mind.

It somehow it gave a feeling of a very deep meaning to the words about the sacrifice of Jesus, in today`s service, and to the taking of the Holy Communion. It was very moving.


Blogger see-through faith said...

wonderful :)

6:53 pm  
Blogger ukok said...

It is truly awesome to consider that we are still living out God's will for us to receive from His Holy Altar, just as in O.T. times.

God Bless.

7:42 pm  

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